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Steampunk Fairy Costume

I’ve been following this site for several years now. This young lady is an amazing costumer and I’m in love with her Steampunk Fairy costume. Check it out! Advertisements

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A&G Ohio

In March, we zipped over to a great con we’ve been going to for 4 years. Shiho, our first of 6 Japanese exchange students, came back to visit and we dragged her a long. I don’t think she was prepared … Continue reading

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Scarlett’s Hat

May I present the photographic evolution of the Scarlett’s Gone Steampunk hat. It started with a 25 cent straw hat.The back brim is shallower than the front.This particular hat was problematic from the start. The crown was awkwardly tall for … Continue reading

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Daniel Boone & G the Jedi

This post is quite late, but thought you’d like to see an odd couple anyway. Presenting…BrrrrrrrrrrrrUM…Daniel Boone and G the Jedi! (Okay, you didn’t HAVE to do the drumroll in your head, but it was fun! =>.<= )…Daniel Boone is … Continue reading

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The Crew of the Airship Uhr Drache

We donned our Steampunk attire to attend a cinematic presentation of Sherlock Holmes, A Game of Shadows last Friday. Dinner out, with many a stare from fellow patrons, and an engaging movie are just what the doctor ordered after a … Continue reading

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Sugoicon Steampunk 101 Links

Hi everybody. I was floored by the number of people attending my panels this last weekend at Sugoicon. Thanks so much for making them a success! Here they are…links from the panel…just for you! These are just the tip of … Continue reading

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Renaissance Faire Fairytale

Once upon a time, there was a merry clan who went in search of funneth and adventureth….They wandered the countryside meeting many a good folk. Until one day, they heard a cry in the distance…“m’Lords! m’Ladies! Queen Elizabeth welcomes ye … Continue reading

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