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In March, we zipped over to a great con we’ve been going to for 4 years. Shiho, our first of 6 Japanese exchange students, came back to visit and we dragged her a long. I don’t think she was prepared for American Otaku! (Otaku in Japanese is an over the top fan of Japanese comics(called manga) and cartoons(called anime). The difference between here and there is that otaku nerds in America brandish the term like a medal of honor. Where as, Japanese use it as an insult. Funny how things get lost in translation!

Here is Shiho on the left, with Miss H dressed in her Suu costume, The Doctor (11th)(he was an impressive character…always on the ball with the right lines), and Miss G on the right. She offered to be a companion, but Amy and Rory were already waiting in the TARDIS. 😉I went in my travel outfit on Friday and didn’t feel like wearing the hat, so I just plopped the goggles on my head.Shiho went shopping with our neighbor on Saturday, and we went back to the con. Miss H wore her Sakura costume from Tsubasa River Chronicles, and Miss G wore her cherry Lolita dress.The girls love mochi…which is a rubbery, slightly sweet, rice flour blob stuffed with a slightly sweet red bean paste. I don’t mind the mochi, but the red bean paste is kinda disgusting. They love the melon flavored mochi and always get a big box in the dealer’s room to share. It’s their con tradition.I completely forgot to take pictures as we roamed around the con! Finally, I forced the girls to do a mini photo shoot just so I’d have something to post. First up, is Miss G in her black cherry Lolita dress…Next is Miss H in her Sakura outfit. She made this herself and won first prize in her division at Sugoicon. Unfortunately, we missed costume judging for this one but it’s still a great costume!The girls decided it wasn’t fair if I didn’t get in on the fashion show, so here we go. This is my purple and brown Steampunk costume.There are tiny keys and clocks stitched all over the bustle.They insisted I had to get a “twirl” picture too.Thought I’d throw in a couple of hair pictures too. This started as a ponytail in the center back of my head. I made several pin curls and plopped them all over my head. Since I was going for am elegant messy look, I left an end poking out here and there. I wove in a silver necklace, a large medallion, small jeweled barrettes & hair pins, and a feather pick to finish it off.Miss G couldn’t join us on Sunday and Master G had never been to a con. He isn’t allowed to go until he turns 14. I made an exception because he’s die hard Brony and there was a My Little Pony panel that day. (Guys who are fans of MLP are called Bronys and girls are called Pegasisters in the fandom at large…goofy kids.) We loaded up Shiho, Miss H, and Master G and headed to the con.I gave Master G my pass and went to lunch with Lord McCormick while they attended the Pony panel. Miss H is big fan of MLP too. Lord McCormick and I snuck into the panel near the middle and I was amazed that the guy to girl ratio was about 50/50.They watched the new episode, talked about the evolution of the series, gave away pony related prizes, and discussed pony traits. Master G LOVED the con. He dressed in his Steampunk attire. I think Shiho had a good time overall and thinks Americans are waaay too excitable when it comes to anime!Coincidentally, McDonalds has MLP prizes in their happy meals at the time…so of course, we had to stop there for lunch…and dinner!

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