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Lolita/50’s Inspired Mashup

(As always, click the pics to make them larger.)Today’s offering is a Lolita/50’s era inspired mashup dress. I say Lolita because It has all the basic lines, but is a little longer than normal aka 50’s era. (It really looks … Continue reading

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A&G Ohio

In March, we zipped over to a great con we’ve been going to for 4 years. Shiho, our first of 6 Japanese exchange students, came back to visit and we dragged her a long. I don’t think she was prepared … Continue reading

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Lolita Bow Tutorial

PLEASE NOTE: You may use this entire tutorial on your personal noncommercial site if you credit me, link back to my blog, and leave a comment here that you’re using it…Thanks! This is a basic bow without any frills. You … Continue reading

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(Sugoicon) Sew Lolita Panel Notes

I was amazed at the great turnout for this panel…despite the early morning time slot. A great big thanks to everybody who attended!! I know several people mentioned that they couldn’t make it, and its hard to remember everything in … Continue reading

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My Deer & The Bicycle Gear Hat

Here’s our adopted baby….well actually, she adopted us….My daughter named her Daisy. She’s been living in our back yard all summer. Sleeping under the stairs or trampoline and eating everything in sight. Her mother isn’t around much, but we see … Continue reading

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The All Purpose (recycled) Bonnet

Miss H and I made her a bonnet to go with the nearly completed dress I hinted at a couple of days ago.I used a youtube tutorial, but didn’t add the fabric on the back.The straw hat came from a … Continue reading

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Victorian Maiden Inspired JSK

Miss H found this fabric in my stash and decided to make a Victorian Maiden inspired jumperskirt. VM is a Japanese Lolita brand that I absolutely LOVE. The problem is that their largest sizes are waaaay to small for healthy … Continue reading

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