Scarlett’s Hat

May I present the photographic evolution of the Scarlett’s Gone Steampunk hat. It started with a 25 cent straw hat.
The back brim is shallower than the front.This particular hat was problematic from the start. The crown was awkwardly tall for the size of the brim, and a little too small to sit down on my head where it should. I thought about steaming and stretching it but it was much easier to cut the crown off, leaving about 1/4″ of straw and the ribbon hat band in tact.I fashioned a new crown out of the green fabric in similar fashion to Regency era poke bonnets. There isn’t any interfacing. It just bunches up lightly. The perfectionist in me said it should all be hand sewn. The procrastinator in me won out and this was done the evening before I was to debut the dress at the Steampunk Symposium. So, it is mostly hot glued. I glued on the crown, then hand pleated and glued the green fabric, and added the green hat band.The next step was finishing the underside by gluing in a pink crown piece, hand pleating the pink on the brim, and adding a ruffled hat band. The small ruffled hat band was sewn together before being glued in.The last step for the base of the hat was giving the shallow back brim a nice upturn. I did this by stitching it to the crown, and the original hat band.Now for the fun embellishing! A bow seemed appropriate for the back. The gears are embroidered in gold, silver, and copper metallic thread to match the gears on the dress.I tea dyed the pink flowers, added the downy wisps of a peacock feather, grape leaves, and various clock parts.And, Voila!, Scarlett’s hat…


About Lady McCormick

Wife, mother, time traveling Cache Curator. Does life get any better?
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One Response to Scarlett’s Hat

  1. Lavenrose says:

    Actually I`m more amazed that you manage to find a straw hat for just 25 cents! The cheapest items that I can manage to find is just only a dollar! None-the-less, I love the end results! đŸ˜€ The sky`s the limit when it comes to DIY apparently.

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