Renaissance Faire Fairytale

Once upon a time, there was a merry clan who went in search of funneth and adventureth….They wandered the countryside meeting many a good folk. Until one day, they heard a cry in the distance…
“m’Lords! m’Ladies! Queen Elizabeth welcomes ye to the faire!”

“A splendid idea!” they doth proclaimed as they ranneth to partake…The fair maiden decided to hangeth round the church…For twas romance weekend and what better place to find a suitor…Her wise and overprotective parents were on hand to fendeth off said suitors. For the maiden had not yet reached the marrying age…(That would be age 65 for those who wondereth.)But alas! Ye fair maiden was tempted away by the sights and sounds of the revelry…The merry clan doth stumbleth upon a most fascinating musical contraption made of bells. I should wonder how this traveling minstrel moveth such a beast…The minstrel remindeth them of the Thief Lord, or perhaps twas the Dread Pirate Roberts,…no, maybe a relative of the Phantom of the Opera. No matter. The bells did he playeth most beautifully… The fair maiden was escorted round the faire by her brother, the young mage. Much to the delight of her wise and overprotective parents…The young mage is a virtuoso apprentice to the great magician, Merlin of Camelot…but that’s another story…The merry clan were drawn to the theatre to laugheth at the Swordsmen’s dueling antics.Little did they know they would have the privilege to learneth….The Super Secret Swordsmen Laugh…Ha hahaha haaaaa!

Alas, the merry clan’s stomachs were sore from laughter and they swooneth with hunger. A picnic was in ordereth and the young mage provideth the entertainment… A magic trick!Abracadabra! Alakazam! Presto! Magic books do appeareth!After filling their bellies, the merry clan heard the call of the Fairie Godmother. They arriveth just in time to see a baby dragon hatched…Aye, the baby dragon was the cutest in the land. But a bit cheeky and a handfuleth for the kind, and sparkly, Fairie Godmother…Suddenly! A sound wafting on the breeze? A trump! A proclamation! The jousting tournament is at hand! The merry clan hurrieth toward the field of battle…There they were beguiled by their heroic knight, Sir Ives…The lances were sharp, the mighty horses were menacing, the knights were shakingeth in their armor, and the battle was fierce!Alas! Sir Ives, our hero, was the victor!

Nothing like a gloriously barbaric end to an enchanting day at the faire. And the merry clan lived happily ever aftereth…

Aye, even the fair maiden who still waiteth for her knight in shining armor…


About Lady McCormick

Wife, mother, time traveling Cache Curator. Does life get any better?
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One Response to Renaissance Faire Fairytale

  1. Lavenrose says:

    Love how you incorporated your trip into a fairy tale. đŸ™‚ Makes the posts more interesting and enjoyable to read. Love the "overprotective" part, especially with 65 being the marrying age. Poor-I mean fortunate fair maiden. The Super Secret Swordsmen Laugh was funny to hear!

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