Steampunk Watch/Compass

I did this one over a month ago, but forgot to show you! The outer ring of this multipurpose gadget is an Ecliptic Chronometer. Its a manual watch of sorts, rotating around the compass…along the lines of a sundial. The Chimerical Compass in the center does not move unless the wearer possesses the right electromagnetic pulses to make it work. This of course, renders it useless to enemies who’s electromagnetic pulses aren’t programmed into the device.

I started with a plastic piece from an old label maker, a small tin with a clear plastic lid, and miniature gold star Christmas ornament. I removed the center of the label maker and slipped it over the tin. The inside of the tin was decoupaged with an old map, and I added the directional markings. Then I used a bead cap as a base to hold star for the center of the compass. The outer ring got a spray of black to hide the letters. Then I added the sun, moon, and constellations with jewels. The sun and moon were set on flattened bead caps.I added a leather strap that was salvaged from a larger thrift store camera strap.And..voile! a completely nonsensical nonfunctioning Steampunk gadget with a fabulous name!!! Well, the ring does turn on the tin, so I guess it IS somewhat functional. Although you’d have to be in an alternate universe for it to match up with any known constellation or land mass. Hehehe.


About Lady McCormick

Wife, mother, time traveling Cache Curator. Does life get any better?
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