Renaissance Faire continued…The Costumes

As my faithful readers know, I was gearing up for a family Steampunk event, but had to cancel it due to unexpected budgetary constraints. Well….God is good, and my DH won tickets to the Renaissance Faire off the radio a week later. We love the ren fair, but my DH and I haven’t ever dressed up for it, though the kids had appropriate costumes. Well, I was not to be deterred from having a grand time…even on my tiny budget. So, I had to work fast with only a couple days notice. Here’s what I came up with…

You can see the post about the dress my daughter wore HERE. I put her hair up using a hair gadget I made about 15 years ago. Its just a piece of plastic tubing wrapped in pearls.

Next up is my son. His tunic and pants are actually a nicely made Peter Pan costume we bought at the Disney store a couple years ago. The belt…50 cents and cape…$1 from the thrift store. The boots were purchased on clearance for about $5 at the same time as the Peter Pan costume. I made him a pouch the last time we went to the ren fair to hold his lunch. This time, he kept his “magic books” in it. He copied the magic books from his video game “Fire Emblem”. They’re made of foam core board, scrapbook supplies, and contact paper. This post shows the fire book. We’ve since added the wind and lightning books.

My DH came next. Now I’ll admit he looks a little like Davy Crockett, but I didn’t have time to make or modify the right kind of pants. And he loves to dress up as much as we do, so he didn’t mind. His pants are handmade tanned deer skins with antler bone buttons. We found these at a garage sale for $25 a couple years ago. His tam and *ahem* extra hair was a St. Patrick’s Day staple for years when we walked in the parade and ran all over town for shows with our Irish dancer daughter.The only thing I had time to modify was a shirt. This one is two sizes too big and made of a loose weave nubby cotton. It was $1.50 from the thrift store. Here’s a before pic…I removed the shirt pocket, buttons, cuffs, and pointed part of the collar. Then, I stitched the front closed, leaving about 1/3 which I put grommets into for leather lacing. I turned the sleeve under enough to make a casing for more leather lacing, and left about a 1/2 inch of the collar to give the neckline some body. And here’s my handsome man now…

Lastly was my ensemble. I found this awesome video from Threadbanger where a men’s shirt is simply cut in a scoop shape and elastic is added. (The shirt mod is at the 4:10 mark.) I modified mine slightly differently by stitching the center together and adding elastic to the entire neckline. I didn’t have a peasant blouse, so I snagged a men’s dress shirt for $1.50 at the thrift store. It was a size too large, but next time I’ll get one about three sizes too large so there is more gather near the neckline. I’m also going to cut this one down in the front a little more…it looks and feels a somewhat frumpy. Before…After…
I used my Steampunk skirt, my daughter’s black skirt, my Steampunk corset, an old leather belt…50 cents, and my Steampunk reticule to complete the outfit. To conceal the camera, I looped it onto the belt and pulled the black skirt up over it and tucked it in my belt, but of course, I don’t have a picture of that set up…since the skirt seemed to always be down when the camera was in use!

I braided my hair in two low braids and pinned it up “Heidi” style. I added some silk ivy leaves and tiny rosebuds to the front too. And, VOILA!, one Renfaire family to go.


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One Response to Renaissance Faire continued…The Costumes

  1. Lavenrose says:

    What I like about this post is how creative you are while on a budget! That's amazing! Creating entire outfits out of just thrift store finds and pure imagination! What I especially like is how you had converted a man's dress shirt into a peasant blouse (still wondering how you did it, but don't mind me).

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