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Welcome to the new blog!

Well, here it is.  My new home.  Hmmm, feels different, fresh, ready for adventure.  Well, some things will take a little getting used to.  Have to find a new place to put this or that.  The old stuff in the … Continue reading

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Transition. Flux. Shift. Reconstruction. Change.

I’m in a state of metamorphosis, flux, change.  I’m completely ensconced in my cocoon and I don’t want to come out of it yet. We’ve moved across the country, uprooting our lives completely.  We are without a local support network.  … Continue reading

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Lolita Headwear Workshop Materials List

Konnichiwa fellow Lolitas! This post is a materials and sourcing list for a workshop I’ll be teaching for the Frozen Lolita Club in the near future. We’ll be making bonnets, Lolita head dresses, and bows. I’ll turn it into an … Continue reading

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Steampunk Fairy Costume

I’ve been following this site for several years now. This young lady is an amazing costumer and I’m in love with her Steampunk Fairy costume. Check it out!

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Stocking Cap

I found this easy pattern for a fleece stocking cap. (Like an old fashioned sleeping cap.) Mine came out wonderfully and I highly recommend it.

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Lolita/50’s Inspired Mashup

(As always, click the pics to make them larger.)Today’s offering is a Lolita/50’s era inspired mashup dress. I say Lolita because It has all the basic lines, but is a little longer than normal aka 50’s era. (It really looks … Continue reading

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We’re off to see the Wizard….The Wonderful Wizard of OZ!

Ha! Caught ya with my title, right?!? Here’s the scoop. We’re not reeeally going to Oz to see the wizard(unless you count the magical lights in the sky). We’re moving. Where? Somewhere magical, of course. Isn’t anywhere more magical than … Continue reading

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