Daniel Boone & G the Jedi

This post is quite late, but thought you’d like to see an odd couple anyway. Presenting…BrrrrrrrrrrrrUM…Daniel Boone and G the Jedi! (Okay, you didn’t HAVE to do the drumroll in your head, but it was fun! =>.<= )…Daniel Boone is wearing deer leather pants and moccasins, found at a garage sale. A synthetic coon skin cap, and a loose tweedy shirt I modified from a button down thrift store shirt. I removed the pocket, sewed seam down the front where the buttons used to be, added grommets and leather ties for the closure, and turned & stitched the cuffs inside. Then I ran more leather ties through the cuffs to tighten at the wrist.

Eons ago, I made G the Jedi a proper Jedi uniform. He finally outgrew it last year and required a new one. This time, he wanted sleeves on the cape. And, here we are…the new and improved Jedi suit.He was glad to show off his new digs at his karate dojo’s annual Halloween party. The teacher is a huge star wars fan and does light saber demonstrations for the public, so he has special prized for the best Star Wars costumes. I think G was the runner up this year.


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