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Stocking Cap

I found this easy pattern for a fleece stocking cap. (Like an old fashioned sleeping cap.) Mine came out wonderfully and I highly recommend it. Advertisements

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Lolita/50’s Inspired Mashup

(As always, click the pics to make them larger.)Today’s offering is a Lolita/50’s era inspired mashup dress. I say Lolita because It has all the basic lines, but is a little longer than normal aka 50’s era. (It really looks … Continue reading

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Just Shoot Me Now!

This is a confession. I’m sure I’m not alone in committing such a sewing faux pas. Just thought you’d get a chuckle out of my folly whilst I put “pen to paper” to document this so as to remember not … Continue reading

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Scarlett’s Gone Steampunk Teaser

I found these gorgeous green moire curtains at the thrift store for $24. This much good quality fabric would easily cost over $150 at the fabric store.  The green reminds me of Scarlett Ohara’s green drapes gown in Gone With … Continue reading

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Lolita Bow Tutorial

PLEASE NOTE: You may use this entire tutorial on your personal noncommercial site if you credit me, link back to my blog, and leave a comment here that you’re using it…Thanks! This is a basic bow without any frills. You … Continue reading

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(Sugoicon) Sew Lolita Panel Notes

I was amazed at the great turnout for this panel…despite the early morning time slot. A great big thanks to everybody who attended!! I know several people mentioned that they couldn’t make it, and its hard to remember everything in … Continue reading

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Steampunk/Neo Victorian Easy Bustle Tutorial

Thought I’d share my method for creating a simple, no stress, yet elegant bustle. There is no exact right way to do it. There are some essential steps, but for the most part the finished project will be whatever looks … Continue reading

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