Transition. Flux. Shift. Reconstruction. Change.

I’m in a state of metamorphosis, flux, change.  I’m completely ensconced in my cocoon and I don’t want to come out of it yet.

We’ve moved across the country, uprooting our lives completely.  We are without a local support network.  No friends or church yet.  Life has been uncertain as far as where we’d be living.  The choices range from the city, suburb, or small town.  We’re living in the small town, an hour’s drive from the city.  Its really what I know and love, but we’ve been hesitant for the last 6 months to build a life and set down roots since we didn’t know exactly where we’d end up.    But, we’re making progress.  We’ve finally decided to stay in the small town and build a house. 

The second change is college.  My DD will begin in the fall.  Its a scary prospect for both of us.  Me, having to cut some apron strings, and her moving on to something new.  There’s a lot to do between now and then. 

Thirdly, and the one change weighing on me the most, is Google.  I’ve been contemplating moving this blog elsewhere since I’ve used up all my free photo allowance space and can’t figure out how to clear the old to make room for the new. (And I’m too cheap to pay for more storage.) Then, Google’s decision to force social networking on me sealed the deal.  The CEO of Google has decreed that anyone using their platforms is required to have a Google+ account.  Essentially, a Facebook style social network that automatically posts all your activity across Google for the world to see.  As of now, I cannot upload, comment, or add to my playlists on YouTube without Google+.  I can still log in to Blogger without the forced sign up, but I suspect that will soon change too.  I’m thinking WordPress is the way to go.  But, as with any endeavor, it will be a learning curve.  I’ll have to learn how the format works and get everything moved over.  I’ll need to archive my YouTube favorites and subscriptions elsewhere so I can find them again, and find a new feed for the blogs I follow.  Then, weeding Google completely out of my computer….especially Picasa will take a bit of effort. 

So, please be patient with me!  I don’t suspect I’ll be posting much, or exporting anything until the house is finished…which should be late summer.  I can’t wait.  This cocoon might just have the first inklings of feeling a little claustrophobic.


About Lady McCormick

Wife, mother, time traveling Cache Curator. Does life get any better?
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One Response to Transition. Flux. Shift. Reconstruction. Change.

  1. Ginger says:

    Happy house building! How exciting! And I hear ya on the Google front. I've tried to switch over to WordPress, but I'm having such a hard time learning it. It is so foreign and different from Blogger, but I know that eventually I will have to do the same thing. Glad to see you are still kickin' out there! Love ya!

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