Lolita/50’s Inspired Mashup

(As always, click the pics to make them larger.)Today’s offering is a Lolita/50’s era inspired mashup dress. I say Lolita because It has all the basic lines, but is a little longer than normal aka 50’s era. (It really looks fifties when she wears her super poof petticoat and high heels, which she was neglecting in the pics.)

I had the blue fabric floating around and never could find something to compliment it. Miss H was in love with it and one day suggested I use the leftover pink lace from her Irish dance dress with it. This is a Cynthia Rowley pattern #1873 from Simplicity.This was view A. I drafted a peter pan collar for it and shirred the back, instead of adding the zipper.I don’t think I’m completely in love with the shirring on this one. She likes it because it’s comfy. Anyway, the pattern was easy to follow, but beware of the ten thousand darts! The bodice front has under bust darts as well as side darts. The sleeve is full of darts too, on both the fashion fabric AND the lining fabric.I was cussin’ em under my breath while in progress. They’ve grown on me and I really like the result now. It wouldn’t take much cajoling to get me to use this sleeve again. (It’s kinda like labor…you forget all the work involved as time goes on!)The bodice panel is edged in pink eyelet lace with daisy buttons.There was just enough blue fabric left to make the trim for the hem ruffle.This dress was super economical. White sheet from the thrift store for the lining and white fashion areas = $1. Pink overlay lace, leftover from another project = Free! 4 Daisy buttons, been in my stash for 10 years = Free! Pink eyelet lace, came from a garage sale with just enough for the sleeves and panel = $0.25. 2 yards blue fabric, been in my stash for more than 3 years = Free! (I know I bought it new, but am sure I didn’t pay more than $3/yard.) Interfacing for the collar, leftover scraps = Free! Yay, a nearly free dress AND another finished project out of my basket!


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One Response to Lolita/50’s Inspired Mashup

  1. Lavenrose says:

    The dress is really beautiful! You did an amazing job on it! 🙂 Love the use of the colours.

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