Pai Sakuranbo {Tart Cherry}

Ok…I’ve been very busy…no, really I have! I recently completed the black “Tart Cherry” (Pai Sakuranbo) dress for Miss G’s birthday. Miss H is featured in the pink “Sweet Cherry” dress as the girls posed for me at a recent AnimeCon.I’ll be posting more close-ups of “Tart Cherry” here at a later date. I didn’t make them exactly the same. I used slightly different lace in some areas, different rick rack sizes, and different bows. I only make one of a kind items, but similar is nice…especially when the girls wanted to twin in their Loli dresses.The umbrella came from the Japan pavillion at Epcot. It has Hello Kitty, cherries, hearts, and other misc. goodies printed on it. Miss H glued the lace to the edge to “Loli” it up. The following picture is courtesy of The Enthusiasts


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2 Responses to Pai Sakuranbo {Tart Cherry}

  1. Lady Weaver says:

    You two are very cute! Anyone who loves Celtic music AND lolita is an automatic add. 🙂 You have a new follower ^^

  2. Peacefulmom says:

    Welcome aboard, Lady Weaver! Glad to find a kindred spirit in cyberspace. =^.^=

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