The Elf’s Creations Unveiled Part 1

TaDa! Here they are…some of the new pieces I’ve been cobbling together for our SP family outing next weekend. I ordered a small lot of watch gears & parts, and pocket watches online, and found a very cool pack of larger metal gears at Michael’s in the scrapbook section.
First up is my favorite, regular size, pocket watch with an amber colored glass…Next up is a small pendant size pocket watch…The third watch was a little different…called a bubble watch. It originally had a tiny bell with 3 or 4 strands of chain hanging out of it as a counter weight on the bottom. I removed that and added a gear with various watch pieces attached.I know its a little blurry in this pic, but this the back of the watch where you can see the workings.Master G. wanted various military style medals for his outfit. Here’s the first. I used 3 crown charms leftover from the party favors from Miss H’s Wonderland Tea party, a corner bracket, a red jewel, red beads, and various jump rings I ferreted out of my junk jewelry stash. In the aether, this is the Imperial Alliance Medal of MeritThe next medal is a gear with a metal button in the center, attached to a lovely brown velvet ribbon. This is the Scottish League Valedictory Distinction. And finally, he wanted a monocle. I made this one using a plastic piece I salvaged from another project to be unveiled in part 2, wire, and a chain.Whew! That’s it for now. Be sure to look for another installment from the Steampunk Elf’s workshop next week.


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2 Responses to The Elf’s Creations Unveiled Part 1

  1. Those all look great! I use a lot of those gears from Michael's. They've even worked well for embossing gear shapes on leather.

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