Corset? Are You Crazy?

Ahhhh…the dilemma. Should I subject myself to the horrors of a corset for the sake of being period correct whilst sashaying about in my Steampunk attire or buck convention to be comfortable? Hmmm…lets delve a little further into the evolution of my thinking on this subject.

First, I must tell you that I rarely do anything just because somebody said so. I’m slightly stubborn that way. Now if said person were to give a sufficient explanation as to the benefits and/or consequences of said requirements, I’d be more than willing to comply. Most of the time I just jump in and learn by doing. So it has been with the corset decision.

I wasn’t interested in learning to make a corset. I’d looked at several patterns but just didn’t want to give it the time or energy required. I went ahead and made a Victorian style dress without a corset. Unfortunately, the bodice just doesn’t sit quite right. Its a little slouchy where it shouldn’t be and I just could not achieve the crisp, pulled in silhouette of a classic Victorian bodice. I thought about adding some boning to the bodice and began researching what kind to get.

After surfing the net for information, I learned that plastic boning isn’t great for larger size ladies…of which I am one. Steel boning was going to be necessary. There’s flat steel and spiral steel boning. Both of which are more expensive than plastic boning. I decided that boning in the bodice just wasn’t going to get the job done. A corset was the only way to go. But the more I read the more I began to dread making one. Then I stumbled upon a conversation about corset companies and perused a few sites. I found a shop called Corset-Story based in the U.K.. After figuring out the cost and hassle of making one vs buying one, I gladly clicked the buy now button!

I found an under bust model on clearance for $40 with all spiral steel boning and a steel busk(which is the front fastening system). These were all good things according to what I had read. Well, it arrived today and I wore it for a while. I love it! I can’t believe how comfortable it is and how much it helps my posture. I’ll have to practice wearing it as it’s tricky to move around in.

I’m pretty impressed with this corset. The fabric is good quality and there isn’t a piece of plastic to be had. The sizing was right on. If you decide to buy one, definitely check the sizing chart. It even fit my daughter who’s waist is almost 6 inches smaller than mine. I received it in about two weeks and the shipping was quite reasonable. I’ll definitely be ordering another one from them soon.

I’m excited to start working on my new Neo-Victorian dress now!


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One Response to Corset? Are You Crazy?

  1. That's really a pretty fabric! I have started having back trouble and I have terrible posture. I think my corset helps with both of those things. I just wish I could wear it more often.

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