Steampunk Weapon Modification

There’s a Steampunk event going on next month that I’d like to take the family to. This means I need to get moving on creating some accessories to go with their partially finished outfits. My ultimate goal is to get a family picture in our garb for this year’s Christmas cards.

And now, a disclaimer for the faint of heart…these weapons are completely non functional and do not actually emit anything, including water, nerf darts, or laser beams. Their sole purpose is to accessorize our costumes and exercise our imaginations. So…on with the post…

First up is a small Derringer style pistol for my outfit. This one is called the Queen Bee Goon Stinger. It causes a disruption in nerve impulses to all the extremities which produces intense tingling sensations as if one’s whole arm or leg is asleep…

I started out with a small squirt gun, a small brass pull from a jewelry box, two buttons, and a brass bead topper.First, I sanded the gun. Then I sprayed two coats of Krylon Fusion for plastic on it. I was using leftover spray paint, so the base coat was blue. Next, I sprayed on a hammered metallic Krylon Fusion in a copper color. When it was reasonably dry I dry brushed a brass color paint on the areas I wanted to highlight. Finally, I finished it with a clear coat. I glued the brass bead topper over the opening to the barrel and capped it with a brass button that reminded me of an old fashioned beehive. The jewelry box pull became a gun sight when glued into the hole originally used to fill it with water. The other brass button became the new trigger. I added more flattened brass bead toppers and yellow jewels to either side to make it pretty…because girly guns should sparkle!

The second gun is for our bodyguard, Sir Avery (my son). It’s called a Dyspepsia Blaster. This particular weapon uses an internal compression evaporator mechanism to emit a non lethal beam causing extreme dyspepsia. (Which means it will make you violently nauseous…and probably wishing you were dead.)

Again, I used a cheap squirt gun that cost $1, a bell, a piece from the end of an old shower curtain rod, a large glass jewel paperweight from the $1 store, and two matching brass buttons…one large and one small.I went through the same procedures for painting this one. This time I detailed the gun with gold, brass, and red paint.I cut off the nozzle and inserted the end of the shower curtain rod piece, then added the red jewel to the front creating the broad spectrum beam emitter. The bell covered the water filling hole in the back and the large button fit inside as a release valve for the internal compression evaporator.The smaller button became the trigger, and I added black leather pieces with two more flattened bead toppers to cover up the word “splash” on the sides. I’ve perused several tutorials on gun modding and discovered that I could’ve used my dremel tool to sand off the words before painting. I’ll definitely be doing that for the next ones. Finally, there are small brass whatcha-ma-callits glued on for 3-D detail near the trigger.

And lastly, I’ve invented an Assailant Addler Dartling Ring. This lovely piece of jewelry stuns an attacker, rendering him unconscious for an hour, leaving plenty of time to make an escape.

This ring started with a ring blank, metal bobbin, gold plastic bell, brass bead topper, green jewel, and brass jewelry wire. Well…no need to explain the construction as you can see all the components in the pictures, other than to say that the brass bead topper was turned upside down and glued into the upside down bell. This is one of my favorite pieces so far.

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4 Responses to Steampunk Weapon Modification

  1. We're doing the same kind of thing. We just finished a Nerf Maverick for me and a Buzz Bee Toys gun for my son. I really like the way your's turned out!

  2. Ginger says:

    Very creative Heidi! I could never come up with something like that! I hope you have a great time. 🙂

  3. Lavenrose says:

    Amazing! The guns and the ring look very realistic. I like the description for each weapon. It adds to that realistic feeling. Wouldn't want to deal with the real ones though haha.

  4. Katie says:

    These are SO cool! I wouldn't want to be shot by Sir Avery, that's for sure!

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