Steampunk Airship Uhr Drache

Please note: Drawing is not my forte, but I thought you should meet one of the other members of our Steampunk family. (Click on the picture for full screen.)

This is a rendering of our airship Uhr Drache. She’s a Drakkar class Viking ship who has a personality all her own! Her name, in German, means Clock Dragon as the heart of this ship is housed in the intricate chronometer nestled the hull. She was a gift to my husband, Lord Robert Ewan McCormick from Arthur Pendragon when they were just lads. Young Arthur recovered a precious egg for a dying dragon and in return she gave him her heart. Lord McCormick is her Captain but Uhr Drache moves of her own volition. Her fierce Viking spirit keeps us safe while she glides gracefully through the sky, riding the wind currents with ease. My daughter, Juliette Bellafoxe is her best friend and caretaker. And Uhr Drache loves nothing more than when we bring sparkling treasure aboard to transport to a different vault. Her chronometer allows us to traverse time and space in pursuit of my occupation and grand adventure!


About Lady McCormick

Wife, mother, time traveling Cache Curator. Does life get any better?
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