Steampunk Fashion

You can find the first installment in this series…Steampunk Decor, here. See my own outfit and meet my alternate personality here.

I’ll be sharing some links today highlighting Steampunk fashion that inspires me. There aren’t any real solid “rules” for dressing correctly. The general framework of the fashion involves Victorian period clothing styles with layers of additional “stuff”. Things like goggles(the number one tip off that you’re dressed in Steampunk), small machinery, cybernetic “implants”(think Star Trek’s The Borg), keys, time pieces, gears, cogs, and such.
I prefer medium to dark colors. Mostly because I can’t keep light colors clean. I’m a food and dirt magnet when I wear lighter colors….and they wash out the color of my skin. I dislike gray, but love browns and jewel tones. These colors are pretty typical for Steampunk, but certainly not an absolute. I always tell people to wear any color they like. As long as you get the shape of the garment pretty close to Victorian, its all good. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule…or lack of rules… I’ve seen cowboy, saloon girl, elvish, and pirate Steampunk too.
Livejournal has a ton of links to all things Steampunk fashion here. If you’re still confused about what the Steampunk genre is and isn’t just start snooping around starting on that page.
Here are some great costume pics from the 2010 Dragoncon.

Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without links to shopping…
Etsy (The artisans on Etsy are amazing! You support the artist directly when you buy anything from Etsy.)
Steampunk Threads (A sister to Recollections…one of my favorite sites)
Steampunk Emporium
Clockwork Couture
Steampunk Clothing

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