Strawberry and Chocolate Cupcake Skirts

I found the cutest cupcake fabric. One with a pink background and one with a brown background. Miss H thought it would be fun to twin with her friend Miss G. Miss H made 90% of both of these skirts and I finished them up. She designed them all the way down to the pearls and bows on the skirt. This was Miss G’s Christmas present along with a date to our local tea shop later this month.Miss G was a crafty gifter too. She made this lovely bracelet for Miss H. All the different beads have a special meaning.
Miss H’s pink shirt came from Bodyline. Miss G’s green shirt came from the thrift store. I bought them matching pearl bracelets and silver rhinestone bow rings with a pearl. I forgot to have them pose for pictures, but I did snag some shots of them playing DDR.

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Wife, mother, time traveling Cache Curator. Does life get any better?
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