Irish Dance Doll Dress

My daughter has been wanting an American Girl doll since she was 4 or 5. We never had it in the budget to buy one when she was young, and really just forgot about it as she got older. Well, she mentioned one day last spring that she was bummed she’d never gotten an AG doll. We decided to go on the hunt for one. We found two in perfect condition at a garage sale with the help of our neighbor. We were only going to buy Samantha…one of the dolls on Miss H’s original list. The lady was asking $50 each. I also spied one with dark blond hair and blue eyes who looked like Miss H. I couldn’t decide. My husband….great Dad that he is….asked how much money I had. I looked and came up with $80, which was designated for groceries. He suggested I offer the lady $80 for both and she took it!

We saved the dolls for Christmas, and I made the doll that looks like Miss H, an Irish dance dress to match the one I made earlier this year for competitions.Miss H was thrilled!I even found a tiny tiara for a $1!Here is the back of Miss H’s dress with the cape….And the doll cape…I recycled a pair of Miss H’s outgrown poodle socks, and made the ghillies from pleather.I’m quite pleased with how this dress turned out. It was fun to remake the dress in miniature.


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One Response to Irish Dance Doll Dress

  1. Lisa says:

    I love this outfit! My daughters and I collect AG dolls, and two of my daughters Scottish dance. I've made them several Scottish outfits, and I'd love to add an Irish dance outfit to our collection. Did you use a pattern for this dress? Can you recommend anywhere that I could get more info so I could sew an accurate costume. Thanks!

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