The Chronicles Of The Imaginarium Geographica… Book Review

Quite the mouthful, isn’t it? I stumbled upon the first book in the Chronicles Of The Imaginarium Geographica several years ago at the library. The first book, Here There Be Dragons, introduces the Imaginarium Geographica. Its a book of maps of the Archipelago, a place where dragons and mythical people live. This story is a classic tale of good vs evil. There are twists and turns, mysteries and secrets, and enough intrigue to keep you glued to the end. Author James Owen uses wonderful classic stories, their characters, and even their authors to weave an adventurous and awe inspiring tale. Mr. Owen has a great imagination!

I believe these books can be found in the Young Adult section of the bookstore or library. Look them up by their individual titles or by author. Its definitely at the Young Adult reading level, but well read younger adventurers certainly wouldn’t have a problem with it. If you love classic stories like Peter Pan, Robinson Crusoe, The Lord of the Rings, The tales of King Arthur, Narnia, The Time Machine, etc. you will fall head over heels for this series. And even if you haven’t read many classics you’ll still enjoy the story. I would love to say more, but that would spoil all the fun! 😉 Here is a list of the Chronicles in order:
1. Here There Be Dragons
2. The Search For The Red Dragon
3. The Indigo King
4. The Shadow Dragons
5. The Dragon’s Apprentice

Happy reading!
P.S….I put a Steampunk tag on this post because this series plays heavily into my Steampunk writing, as well as having many elements and flavors of the genre.


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