Here’s some information I thought I’d pass along in case you’re interested. A graphics company called Penney Layne has allegedly been accepting monies from customers and promising electronic products, but not following through with the transaction. I personally have not done business with before, but I always appreciate a heads up when a company is problematic for its customers. If you’ve had either a good or bad experience with them I encourage you to leave a comment on Vintage Feedsack’s blog. You can read more details there too.

UPDATE: Vintage Feedsack has pulled the pages related to this company from her blog. I haven’t seen an explanation for this, but I will personally continue to steer clear of this company.
According to Vintage Feedsack’s blog, she had been contacted by several of Penney Layne’s customers when she posted her problem with them on her blog. They had had the same problems with the company. Penney Layne allegedly claimed to have sent the goods and said it had probably gone into the customer’s spam folder. The customers claimed they had checked their spam folders and it wasn’t there either. Afterwards, Penney Layne refused to continue to communicate with the customers. When the customer would contact PayPal to get their money back, Penney Layne would deny the claim since electronic goods aren’t covered by PayPal’s grievance policy. In the end customers claimed that Penney Layne had taken their payment, failed to deliver the promised goods, ceased all communication, and refused refunds through PayPal.

I went to Penney Layne’s website and started to send them an e-mail asking about the situation, but when I read the disclaimer I decided against it. This was the disclaimer on their contact page….

“*Attention to Free Email Users:
If you use free email Like Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.
We respond to all e-mails received. You may or may NOT receive our responses
due to the quality of your email provider. So if you don’t hear from us,
and you use Free Email, try contacting us again using a reliable email service other than YAHOO. Thank You!”

This indicates to me that the many complaints lodged against them for not returning customer’s inquiries are accurate. I’ve used free email services exclusively and never had a problem receiving a response from any company I’ve done business with. I have to wonder, when somebody offers me customer service prefaced with a disclaimer, if they’re going to respond truthfully or at all.

I’m relating what I’ve read from several people online about this company so you can look into it for yourself if you choose to do business with them. One can never be to cautious. Hopefully this company can turn its alleged customer service problems around and learn a valuable lesson about doing business online.

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4 Responses to Alert…

  1. Ginger says:

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. I def. got taken by them! I just opened my new company and used them for hosting and domain and they took my money and just abandoned me. I am out $200.00 now I know why they stopped doing monthly billings. They h ave not responded to one of my 2 dozen emails.

  3. here is some more info on penney layne. They JUST moments ago took my website down! I was just there and when I went to go back in, they had taken it down. I also searched them moments ago and got a broken link message and just went to search them again and there is no more penney layne. They closed shop and took everyone's money.

  4. Here is what I learned moments ago my Domain name that I paid Penney Layne for…The domain name is listed to:Registrant:Wilson Brown173 LR 27Auburn, Alabama 36830United StatesDomain Name: BROKENWHEELFARMCANDLES.COMCreated on: 26-Oct-10Expires on: 26-Oct-11Last Updated on: 26-Oct-10Administrative Contact:Brown, Wilson 173 LR 27Auburn, Alabama 36830United States(334) 424-1100 NOTE: Email address is longer good as is phone number.

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