Small Things

Ok, I’ve been busy getting my kiddos back to school. Its always a bit of work because we homeschool. I desperately need to clean and reorganize my studio so I can get going on some large projects.

So today, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at things to come…..and a couple of quick projects too.

Feathers….donated by my lovely flock of hens. Don’t worry, no hens were mauled in the quest for feathers! The little ladies shed feathers naturally and I pick them up off the ground. They’re all clean and ready for a craft project.
In my last post, I was pondering opening a shop on Etsy. I registered today and am in the process of setting it all up. Here’s the inspiration for the name of my shop(which shall be a surprise for later)….her name is Kisa…
I found a candy shop that carries my favorite lollis from when I was a child. They remind me of warm summer days and the small Modern Store we used to shop at in town. It was bright yellow on the outside. The inside was rather dark and had wood floors and a smell of new denim. Every nook and cranny of that tiny building was filled with goods. It was really just like the general stores you see in old west movies. The middle of the store had a cube made of glass cases and the register. One whole wall was filled with folded denim jeans. We lived in a farm town so no designer jeans here, just old fashioned “tuff” jeans. I was terrified that the whole wall would come crashing down and bury me. As long as I held my mom’s hand, though, I knew it wouldn’t. I always got one of these lollis when I went which made the trip worth it….scary jeans and all!
The fabric featured here is from my work in progress pile. I’m thinking a cute jumper skirt is in order. I love the little cakes. Wouldn’t this be fun to wear to a birthday party?!
We stopped at a yard sale last weekend and met a lovely older couple. We ended up chatting with them for an hour or so. They had an overflowing apple tree and the lady asked if I’d like some apples. Well, how can you say no to free, homegrown apples! And were they good, too. I came straight home and made apple dumplings and an apple cobbler. The rest will be made into apple pie filling and canned for later this winter.We had also picked up some fresh, ripe peaches from the local farmer’s market earlier. I made my favorite, a peach cobbler. I served the rest of the peaches with cream for breakfast.
We had a Japanese exchange student stay with us for a month. He was a lot of fun and brought lovely gifts. Handmade gifts are important in Japan, so I made this thank you card for his parents. The feathers are important, because he wanted to work on a farm in America. Unfortunately, we only have cats and chickens….hopefully he got his fill of “farm work”, though. He was in charge of caring for the animals and did a wonderful job.The envelope flap was cut using the same scrapbook tool as the card. I used chalks to add some color to the outside.
And finally, Master G kept misplacing his Boy Scout chits. I decided to make a library card style envelope to keep them in his Boy Scout book. I used some two sided scrapbook paper and fashioned a quick envelope. I added a flap and a tiny piece of velcro to keep them from falling out.After installing the envelope, I decided to add some tape to the flap to reinforce it. This was a super quick project and next time, I’ll just use contact paper on the whole thing to make it sturdy before installation.

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2 Responses to Small Things

  1. Ginger says:

    I love your recollection of the Modern Store… I loved those suckers too! I haven't seen any of those anywhere for a long time! It's always nice to get "free" produce/fruit… your cobbler looks yummy!

  2. Hi Heidi! Thanks for stopping by! Wow, I love those suckers too, kinda like sweettarts. Your blog is so cute. I would love to have chickens one day. Way to go on the apple score!! Kisa is beautiful. Best wishes with Etsy, I've had good luck so far, that is WHEN I list something, lol!

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