Yellow Dress Makover

This dress is one I’ve had rattling around my closet for years. I’m sad to say I’ve grown too robust for it, but my daughter spotted it and asked if I would alter it for her to make it less “frumpy”.
I wanted to get this one over with pretty quick. So, I cut it to the length she wanted, minus about a 1/2″. Then, I cut off the hem to reuse as a ruffle at the bottom.A little pinning and stitching later, and VOILA!, a finished dress in less than an hour!(Thanks to using the original hem as the ruffle. Thus skipping that step.
She loves to wear it around the house…especially now when its so hot out. With a cute puffed sleeve shirt underneath its extra cute for going out.

I decided the large leftover piece of the dress should be used up before it disappeared into depths of despair(my fabric stash). I had made a green skirt for Miss H several years ago and its in my “needs a little TLC” pile now. I had some leftover fabric from that and decided it would be fun to make a capelet. The capelet is reversible and can be worn with the green skirt I’m fixing, or this yellow dress.The touch of yellow in the green fabric is the exact shade of yellow cotton from the dress! I made a tiny pleated ruffle with the yellow cotton for the edge.
I hope you’re inspired to breathe new life into an old piece of clothing too. It was a lot of fun….and VERY satisfying!

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Wife, mother, time traveling Cache Curator. Does life get any better?
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