The Irish Dance Dress Saga Part 2

Okay, so I’m reeling* down the path toward completion with this dress. I’ve got the bodice, skirt, skirt lining, and panel sewn. I do not, however, have them sewn all together yet.

The 3 part applique is cut and pieced. It just needs to be sewn on. I discovered I didn’t own an open embroidery/applique foot for my ancient machine. I’m sure I could use my zig zag foot, but this is the most complicated applique I’ve ever done and I only want to do it once. Alas…I’m waiting impatiently for the part to arrive so I can finish the applique.

Next I’ll be working on the sleeves.

There are many decisions yet to make. Do I make this a one piece dress, or two? If its a two piece, do I put buttons, velcro, or snaps on the bodice to keep it aligned with the skirt whilst the wearer is slip jigging around the stage? Do I use an invisible zipper? Do I make the zipper the entire length of the one or two piece outfit? If its a two piece, could I get away with an elastic waistband? How about a partially elasticized waistband? Well, I guess I’ll ponder and answer these queries as I go along. Stay tuned for more!

*(Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun earlier….a reel is a type of Irish dance.=^.^= )

UPDATE:  I made the dress in 2 pieces.  The bodice is has a zipper the full length, and the skirt has a small zipper on the side with elastic in the back of the waistband.  This dress also features a cape, and matching bloomers.  DD didn’t want a matching headband.  She wears it with a bow or tiara.
UPDATE: See Part 3 here. P.S….if you missed Part 1, find it here.

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