The Lavender Fox Boutique

Marla, over at Always Nesting, is featuring her Woo Hoo Wednesdays…check out all the great projects!

Once again, I jumped into this project without remembering to take a before picture. Sigh. Well, this was another closet with 2 sliding doors. It was difficult to access everything and very dark. There was only one long hanging bar/shelf for clothes. Part of the problem was there is a ledge taking up 1/3 of the closet and the bar was hung too low to hang shirts or pants without dragging on the ledge. Overall, this closet was an organizing desert!

First, I removed the doors and put them in storage. I’ve replaced the doors with a beautiful cotton battenberg lace shower curtain that came from my bathroom in our previous house. I just used a tension shower rod and pink rings. The original closet door moulding hides the tension rod quite nicely. There’s actually room to change clothes in the closet with the curtain closed. (Kindly excuse the wrinkles…I threw it on for the picture, but have since ironed it!…The purple swag on the left of the picture is part of the window treatment.)(Click on the pictures to see them larger.)

Next, I ripped everything out of the closet, literally. The builders had screwed in all the wall anchors on the front of the supports, so the only way to remove them was to rip them out of the wall. After a load of spackle and a lovely lavender paint job I started the installation. The original long shelf/rod was moved up about 10 inches. I added another shelf/rod underneath and left room for baskets to sit on the shelf. The bottom shelf is shorter, leaving room for long hanging dresses on the left. There’s also room for Miss H’s Jonas Brothers clothes hamper.

The top of the closet sports copy paper boxes that I’ve covered in a wallpaper border and painted the lids. These are used for off season clothes. She’s had these boxes about 10 years, and didn’t want to change them. You also get a glance at the hanging shoe organizer on the left.

I found 2 sturdy metal hook sets in the closet organizing section of the home improvement store. Each set has 6 hooks. They’re perfect for hanging necklaces, hats, belts, scarves, bags, etc.

The right side of the closet is where the dreaded ledge resides. Its there because the floor slants upwards for the headroom on the stairs below. The builders often build up that area to make it slightly more usable. I took advantage of the space by adding shelves. There are 5 white baskets. The top two are used for less needed items. The more accessible baskets are used for undergarments and other items that would normally go into dresser drawers. Miss H didn’t want a dresser in her small room so this solution works well. The clothes hanging behind the shelves are costumes for Cosplay, jackets, and other items not used everyday.

The small box on the ledge holds Miss H’s makeup. The pink plastic organizer drawers were lined with felt and used for jewelry(except necklaces which hang on the hooks). There is another white basket tucked into the corner. This is useful for items she may want to hide away, but still access fairly frequently.

I thought the effect of the makeover was very French boutique-ish. This lead me to think of lavender fields…and of course the color I chose happens to be lavender as well. And, Miss H’s personal mascot is a fox. So, the logical name for this work of art is “The Lavender Fox Boutique”! Miss H drew up a lovely sign for her new boudoir boutique. I think its perfect!


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4 Responses to The Lavender Fox Boutique

  1. Having raised 3 daughters I can guess the before and you've done an awesome job on the closet. Woo Hoo! Well used space and storage. Now that's a win win. Add the Jonas Brothers and it's perfect. 🙂 I know your daughter loves it.I have one left at home and her closet looks like a dumpster exploded. I need you here, lol. Please remember to link back to Woo Hoo! Wednesday and thanks so much for linking.I love your adorable blog background.

  2. Miss Heidi says:

    Thanks, Marla. And, oops…I did finally remember to link back. Its always fun to see all the wonderful projects!

  3. My own closet could use a little organizing so your post is very inspirational to me.. you did a great job~!!Sonny

  4. Miss Lumpy says:

    It looks great! This would be perfect for my closet, I'll have to give it a shot!

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