My Steampunk Gal

Miss H and I discovered Steampunk style not long ago. I really think its an ideal style for guys who are stepping out with girls in Lolita. We saw this dapper fellow at a recent anime con. He has his trusty ray gun, rifle, swagger stick, and airship goggles.Here’s my take on Steampunk style…Consider time travel….if you were to start in the late 19th century Victorian era and travel ahead 10 years at a time up through the 1940’s or so. Picking up time pieces and gears and gadgetry related to time. Your clothes would remain dapper, but worn too. You’d add an item here or there as you went along. Of course watches, especially pocket watches, would play a big part of the equation if you’re traveling around in time. Maybe, you encountered a glitch and landed in the 25th century where you picked up a ray gun or two. Then, its back to vanquish evil in your designated frame of time….hmmmm.
Well, Miss H decided one day to put together a Steampunk outfit for herself. Luckily, I have impeccable taste in clothes, and keep an extensive dress up box for fun. I happened to have all the necessary pieces on hand.The hat belongs to her brother. The jewelry is from my collection. Every Steampunk Gal should have a locket to keep her true love close at hand. Hers is copper. The bracelet she’s wearing sports a heart shaped pocket watch, as does the watch and fob on her vest. Both timepieces also feature skeleton keys and jeweled heart charms.The blouse is one of mine, and a little large for Miss H. It has a geometric design embroidered on the collar and down the front. The vest is a gray jacquard from the thrift store. The skirt, also a thrift store find, is a burgundy velvet. The boots and two leather belts came from yard sales. The red velvet piece on the skirt is actually a cape from the dress up box. Miss H just draped and tucked it in place.
All told, this whole outfit, not counting the jewelry, cost less than $10! If you add in the price of the jewelry, 2 rings, earrings, 3 necklaces, 2 bracelets, one brooch, & 1 watch and fob….also thrifted, yard saled, bought on clearance, or were gifts….the total price for the outfit would come to less than $30.Steampunk Threads , Clockwork Couture, Gentleman’s Emporium, and Retroscope Fashions all have great inspiration. I’d suggest you take a look at their photos for inspiration for you, or your gent. Try to look at clothes with an eye for the shape and style. Color doesn’t matter as much. Fabrics can be dyed to change the color completely, or just tea stained or over dyed to give them an older look. Silk, cotton, brocade, linen, jacquard, and velvet are all period correct. Remember that 100% synthetic fabrics like polyester and rayon won’t take dyes well if at all.I like to think Miss H’s current outfit is rather appropriate for travel or perhaps a skirmish or two…Maybe, she can concoct a lovely Steampunk dinner and theatre outfit next. If we’ve whetted your curiosity, here is a more in depth explanation of Steampunk to peruse.


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Wife, mother, time traveling Cache Curator. Does life get any better?
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