Studio Shots

Thought I’d share a couple of shots of my just about finished studio. Since its really an office right next to the front door with no doors of its own, I had to spruce it up. A nice coat of green paint {though the color isn’t true in the photos}, new drapes, a slipcover for my favorite chair, etc. has made it a haven. The silver pitcher came from a yard sale for $3, the silk flowers were .25 cents. The white boxes were 90% off after Christmas one year…I think I paid a whopping $3 for those too. And, the industrious bunny family was a gift from my Mom for my son’s nursery.The wooden heart shelves were made for me by a dear friend, as was the bunny doll wearing a lace pillowcase dress. The thimbles were inherited from my DH’s mother and grandmother. The glass squirrel was .10 cents at a yard sale, and the ceramic cat was found digging in my friend’s flowerbed as she was gifting me with raspberry canes…and the cat. I love cats, squirrels, and bunnies! The little sign says “I cleaned yesterday, sorry you missed it.”. It was a gift from my mom and about as close to Martha Stewart as I will ever get.I also love teacups! This collection was amassed over the years, and were either gifts or inherited pieces. I think it fills the space on top of my shelves quite delightfully.This Country Living sign was a gift from my mom…who has a penchant for signage. The iron scrolls came from a fabric store several years ago.Stay tuned for more Studio Shots!


About Lady McCormick

Wife, mother, time traveling Cache Curator. Does life get any better?
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