Oval Frame Makeovers

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I love ornate wooden oval frames. I found this one at a thrift store for $12…with the mirror in it. It was gold leafed, and had some minor damage. I painted it white and antiqued it. Then I used an heirloom crackle varnish, and it gained a pleasantly unexpected verdigris patina due to a chemical reaction with the gold leaf.This ladylike mirror hangs above my work table in the studio. Here’s a closer look at the lovely detail.I also found this beautiful frame at the thrift store for $6. I used the same painting technique with the addition of pink paint on the flowers and green on the leaves before antiquing it. I could’ve replicated the missing pieces to repair the frame, but I like to let the piece keep a little of its history.I added a ceiling tile covered with the floral fabric I used to make my studio drapes. The ceiling tile is cheaper than cork board, and works great to showcase inspirational and family pictures, pattern envelopes, measurements and other sewing notes. This frame is hung right above my sewing machine.

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3 Responses to Oval Frame Makeovers

  1. junkdreams says:

    Gorgeous! Happy day!xojanis

  2. Lady Weaver says:

    This makes me want to go thrifing to find "new" oval frames to mess around with 🙂

  3. Peacefulmom says:

    Thank you for the sweet comments, ladies!

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