Master G’s Nautical Room

Ahoy Mateys….It be time for Transformation Thursday at The Shabby Chic Cottage. Argh…Git yer peg leg strapped on an’ sail over ta spy ye treasure trove o’salty good projects!

When we moved into this house, Master G had to accept a slightly smaller room than in the last house. The room was painted with a cheap, flat beige builder’s paint…don’t even get me started on that! His last room was nautical, but I thought it would be fun to make this one a Narnia room. He was ok with the idea, but being a little homesick asked for his nautical stuff back. Ok by me…I didn’t have to find or make accessories for a new room. His Dad built a platform bed so he’d have more room to play but he didn’t like sleeping up high, so we added rails to make a bottom bunk on it. Now he has enough room for a buddy to sleep over.G wanted to paint something, so I put him to work painting the bed a nice nautical red. I found all the paint at The Home Depot in the oops section. Each gallon only cost $5. I bought white semi gloss paint {not that it was oops, but was dented}, red semi gloss paint, a blue satin finish. Each gallon was only $5, plus the primer {$12}. I spent a grand total of $27 for paint.Here’s the finished bed…I found the curtains at a yard sale for $1. I just tacked them up with thumbtacks.I painted some old Navy buttons I’d picked up, and stitched them onto the curtains for a nice tailored detail.The two kid’s bedrooms didn’t have a ceiling light wired in…only an outlet wired to the light switch. We took down this metal light fixture from the dining area to put up a chandelier. I thought it looked pretty nautical so we wired it for a plug. I added the fabric sleeve to hide the wire where we spliced them together. The fabric is a small blue and white stripe.We picked up an antique child’s desk for $15 at a yard sale several years ago. It was a blah dark brown color and needed refinishing. A little red and white paint freshened it right up. Master G’s collection of model ships sits on a shelf above his bulletin board that I covered in the blue and white stripe. I added more painted Navy buttons to the corners for interest. The little milking stool came from my grandparent’s farm.To the right of the desk is the closet. It had sliding doors. Question of the week…Why would anyone want to only ever access half the closet at a time? Ok, I digress……I took the doors off and treated the closet like part of the room. The boxes on the shelf are copy paper boxes {snagged for free from my DH’s office}. I used a $5 nautical themed wallpaper border on the bottom and painted the tops. I use them to store G’s off season clothes. The dresser came from a yard sale for $10. It was brown and also needed refinishing. Two good coats of red paint did the job. I added melamine shelving to hold completed Lego projects.To the left of the desk, next to the window, is G’s rocking chair. This is the one I used in my nursery to rock both my babies. I added an anchor pillow…scored from a yard sale for .25 cents.The last element to go into the room will be an oar hung over the window to hold a white valance and more painted Navy buttons. I haven’t completed that yet as I haven’t found the oar I know we own…somewhere….
Well, thanks for taking a peek!


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