Easter Tea Loli

I found a divine cupcake fabric with sparkles…but, alas there wasn’t enough to make a skirt…so I went perusing the calico section and found a sparkly stripe that matches it exactly! Miss H wanted to attempt to make the skirt herself, so I let her go ahead with a little instruction from Moi. She managed to make about 3/4 of it before running out of steam, so I finished it for her with only a few hours to spare before the big debut at church on Easter morning.This is her design. The small ruffles in the front and the large bottom ruffle sport a decorative stitch in dark purple thread. The ribbon woven in the lace is a vibrant blue sheer.

I was planning to make her a blouse, but ran out of time. Fortunately, I spied this cute shirt at the thrift store. It was about 2 sizes to big. But hey, it only cost $2 and I didn’t have to make it!Of course, it need to be Lolified, so I cut off 4 inches from the bottom and used that fabric to craft a ruffle. I had to add a button above the existing buttons so it would be more modest. I used a button from the bottom fabric I cut off.The back of the shirt is 1 1/2″ longer than the front. It makes a nice subtle bustle effect.I sewed the hem of the ruffle with a pretty scallop stitch.So, VOILA! Presenting the Easter Tea outfit….{minus the striped hair bow and other accoutrements…}


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