Amai Sakuranbo {Sweet Cherry}

Miss H has named this dress Amai Sakuranbo which means Sweet Cherry in Japanese. I figure it took a total of 18 hours to complete, since I had to draft all the bow patterns, and do a lot of figuring and fitting to make it all work.She picked out the fabric, and found details on some of the name brand dresses she liked. I cannabilized about 2 different patterns to make this one. Some of it was fly by the seat of my pants too. The sleeves came from a Simplicity Regency dress pattern. They feature small eyelet trim and tiny rick rack.Here’s a view of the back of the dress. Note the large eyelet trim at the hem {this trim was salvaged from a pair of pillow shams I had}. The bodice was from a Simplicity costume pattern. The skirt is two rectangular tubes.This closer view of the back shows the shirring on the back bodice panel, the organza red ribbon threaded through eyelet trim, and the large bow with small eyelet trim. The bow has button holes on the inside, with corresponding buttons on the dress, so it can be removed for washing.The neckline is accented with small eyelet, tiny rick rack, and a matching bow. The criss cross pieces are stitched to the front and tie behind the neck. This is a prominent feature in many “brand” dresses.Miss H contributed by making the hair bow. I think she did a nice job.This was a fun project. Now that I’ve got the pattern pieces and fit figured out, the next one should be a breeze.


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