What is Lolita…What is Quaintrelle Fashion?

I’ve been pondering a lot lately just what a gentle lifestyle entails. One of my conclusions is that you will feel good about yourself when you dress to feel good. My daughter, Miss H, and I believe that our outward appearance should show a glimpse of our inner beauty. Above all, we should be a reflection of God, the One who created us. Lolita fashion is perfect for us.

To get started, here are some great links for beginners (like us).
Communities, Blogs, and Explanations:
Christian Lolitas
Lolita Handbook
Lolita Styles
What is Lolita Fashion?
Elegant Gothic and Lolita (EGL)
Lolita Charm
Miss Lumpy
Lolita In Translation

Fashion Inspiration and Shops:
Juliette et Justine
Mary Magdalene
Megan Maude

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Candy Violet
Anna House

The one problem I have with Lolita fashion (apart from the term Lolita) is that I feel its too young looking for me. I like the concept, but poofy skirts are beyond my age bracket. I like the victorian “aristocrat” look, and its more for my age, but its a little too stuffy for me sometimes. Then, I ran across this great explanation of “Quaintelle” fashion. This is exactly the off shoot I was looking for! This quote from Vivien’s page says it all…”Quaintrelle style can be defined the same way the word “quaint” can be defined, it is unusual or fanciful, with a sense of old-fashioned charm and prettiness.” Quaintrelle encompasses Lolita fashion, as well as Historical fashion, and general feminine dress. Here’s her forum, and blog too.

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