Lolita Fashions

While at Animecon, I attended a workshop on Lolita fashion. I LOVE it! Honestly, I’m a little cranky about the term lolita, as it carries sexual connotations in the U.S.. But, the Japanese spawned this style and it has none of those “off” flavors. Its really about a more innocent style full of frills, and girly-ness. Its also about living a more gentle, joyous, very modest lifestyle. Something we’ve been talking about alot lately.
Here are some pictures of Lolita style(please note, these aren’t my pictures)…Enjoy.

Here’s a link to check out if you’re interested Lolita Fashion. Miss H and I are embarking on a journey to wear this style more. We tend to go more for the Classic, Country, Sailor, and Aristocrat Lolita styles. Of course, if there were a special function, we’d go for the Hime(princess) style. And…here is my Lolita-hime at her best…


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One Response to Lolita Fashions

  1. Ginger says:

    Those dresses look alot like the dresses mom used to make for her porcelain dolls. I don't know if you remember here dolls or not… Very pretty!

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