Dumpster Diving

I’ve always wanted a wicker furniture set on my porch. When we moved here, the prospects seemed more likely that I’d find a lot more used wicker. I started my “collection” with an end table from a thrift store about 9 months ago for $6. It was painted an ugly orange….actually, it still is! LOL. Someday soon I’ll paint it.

You’ll remember a few weeks ago, I scored a wicker settee for $23 at a garage sale. I put it on the porch with my yellow adirondack chairs. It looks pretty good, but doesn’t have the same feel as a full wicker set. I really wanted to put the adirondack chairs out in the garden though..So…., my neighbor was headed to work and spied 2 wicker chairs on the curb in the trash pile up the road. She called Mr. Handsome and he flew up the road to save them from the garbage man. He put them in the garage and called me later to tell me to go see my surprise. I was TOTALLY surprised! Here are 2 gorgeous wicker chairs and an end table. I love the design on the backs of the chairs, and am happy that the chairs match each other but not the settee. I think its more eclectically charming that way.Overall, they’re in good shape. The chairs need minor repair at the bottom of the legs where the wicker is coming loose. The table has a hole in the top of it which I’ll remedy with a thin piece of wood painted with flowers….look for a posting on that in a future Transformation Thursday. The entire set, including the settee, needs to be painted.So, I’ve got an entire wicker porch set for less than $50…including the cost of paint. Like I always say…cheap is best and patience pay off!

About Lady McCormick

Wife, mother, time traveling Cache Curator. Does life get any better?
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