Transformation Thursday…Picture and Frame

Check out all the great projects people have submitted for Transformation Thursday at The Shabby Chic Cottage.

This week, I worked on an old red riding hood print I received as a gift about 16 years ago. My mom had given me an old frame with an ugly water damaged print in it. I took the print out, painted the frame gold, and added this print. Unfortunately, I didn’t yet know anything about using acid free materials. So, the print faded. It was interesting though. The background leaves and flowers faded a lot, but the girl didn’t noticeably fade at all. Here’s the fix.

This was a corner piece on the original frame. It once displayed a nautical print.

I was tired of the gold color and the corner pieces. I gently pried them off and filled the nail holes with putty. I painted the frame white and washed over it with a burnt umber. Then, I thinned a nice sage green and gave it a couple swipes of color. I finished it with Aleene’s Heirloom Crackle varnish. I absolutely LOVE this stuff. It gives a glossy finish that has tiny hairline crackles like crazing on china plates. The interesting thing about this varnish…when used over a metallic paint, it develops a slight verdigris coloring. Really cool if you want an instant patina without extra chemicals. Sorry, this pic is not very good for showing the actual colors.

I took the red riding hood print out of the frame and used artist’s chalk and cotton balls to give the faded areas back their color. It worked like a charm! Once again, the colors aren’t very good in this pic.


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