Transformation Thursday…Ironing Board Cover

Check out all the great projects people have submitted this week at The Shabby Chic Cottage. Now, If I could only remember to actually post this on a Thursday! LOL.

This week, I transformed my ironing board cover. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages now. Don’t we all have projects like that hanging around.

As you can see, my old cover was hideously embarassing. I can’t believe I’m actually showing you a picture of it! And worse, my studio is right by the front door now. Which means everyone stopping by could ogle my ugliness.

Well, I finally broke down and got to work. Only because I was working on a project and my cheap cover kept inching up over the side. How irritating. That’s what I get for buying a cheap cover to make do! The padding kept slipping around too. So…on to the fix.

I grabbed a swath of fabulous red ticking from my stash. I buy loads of it when I have a 50% off coupon…making it about $3.50/yd. Not bad for all purpose divineness.
Since I was incensed at the time and wanting to finish in a flash, I didn’t look for a pattern. I traced around the board and added enough to wrap around and a seam allowance. Then I cut out just enough for the top of the board from a thin cotton batting I had. I stitched the batting to the cover, and added elastic at the top and bottom.The cover slipped around a little so I cut out the snaps and elastic from my old camper curtains and stitched them to the underside..about every 6 inches.
It worked like a charm. The cover stays taught and doesn’t slip at all. It can be removed easily to wash too.

Should’ve done this ages ago!


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One Response to Transformation Thursday…Ironing Board Cover

  1. Sandy says:

    Smart. I love that you have a stash and such a bargain too.Sandy

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