Wowser…Look What I Found!

Whew, we’re back from another grueling day of garage sale hunting! Today was a real bonanza.

I found a small hoosier for $40.I wanted the bottom half of one with an enamelware top to use as an island in the kitchen. Today was the day…I found one with a door and two drawers, and a pretty scalloped edge on the bottom. It has a white enamelware top in good shape, and the top of the hoosier wasn’t even attached. It just sits on the metal top. So, we’ll use the top of the hoosier in the garage for storage. The would be island part needs a little work. The bottom of the inside door area is coming loose and the metal bread drawer is rusted. Mr. Handsome can fix the bottom piece easily. He’ll remove the rusted metal part of the drawer and fashion a whole new wood drawer and use the original front drawer piece. Unfortunately, most of the original hardware is missing, but there are good reproduction pieces out there now. It has at least 6 layers of old paint…not good. We’ll strip it down. Mr. H wants to stain the wood underneath…I want to paint it green. We’ll see. If its oak or cherry or mahogany…maybe.

I scored a white wicker setee in great shape for $23…it was all I had left in my purse.I’ve wanted one for the front porch. Patience pays off…literally. A new wicker setee is about $150.

The rest were books, a window fan for my kitchen, and a pair of leather sandals for Master G.

I love garage sale decorating!


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Wife, mother, time traveling Cache Curator. Does life get any better?
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One Response to Wowser…Look What I Found!

  1. Ginger says:

    Wow! I love the cabinet. What a great find!

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