Transformation Thursday…My 50 Cent Chandelier

Hey all, I’m participating in Transformation Thursdays at The Shabby Chic Cottage. Stop by and check out all the lovely projects there. You might just be inspired to clean out the attic and makeover that ugly 1970’s lime green tchotchke your mom used to keep on the mantle! He he he. Following is my first installment for Transformation Thursday.

50 Cent Chandelier:
When we moved into this house, there was a dining room fixture that reminds me of an old school light. Its a white metal…sort of upside down dishpan look with a large round light bulb. Its a nice retro light but not appropriate for the dining area. I’ll move it to Master G’s bedroom when I decorate it in a nautical theme later this month.

Several years ago, Home Depot carried a cute wrought iron piece with red checked shades and colorful roosters adorning the arms of the chandelier. I loved that thing, but didn’t buy it…should have. So, the hunt began for an affordable substitute for my dining area.

I was out yard sale perusing about a month ago and spied a brass chandelier. It’s a colonial style with 6 lights. (Pardon the weird angle…the big ball end is the bottom.)I wasn’t crazy about the style, but decided it could be reworked. I asked the guy how much he wanted for it and he said “Its free if you take this other box of lights too.”. The other box had an ugly mushroom light and another interesting light. I figured I could put them in my own yard sale later or take them to the thrift store.

About 6 weeks ago, I found a new can of Krylon spray paint in a yummy apple red at another yard sale for 50 cents. Hmmm, a marriage made in heaven me thinks!

I unscrewed the bottom 3 pieces of the chandelier and discarded 2 of them. I kept the ring from the end and screwed it onto the newly uncovered bottom of the chandelier to keep the whole thing together. I was happy with the result. It didn’t look so colonial anymore. Then, I sanded the brass to rough it up, wiped it down, and started painting.

The finished result is awesome!The fabric on the chain was a piece I had leftover from another project.

I still need to find 6 chandelier shades. Of course, they aren’t sold anywhere off the rack anymore. I’d have to order some. But then again, I’m not paying $6-$20 each cause I’m a cheapo! I’ll either live without, make my own, or just wait to find some at a yard sale or thrift store. They don’t have to match, just be the same size and shape. I plan to cover them in a cute plaid with a little black, yellow, red, and green to tie in the other colors in the main floor. I just might applique a nice rooster on the shades too…we’ll see.


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