Garage Sale Bonanza!!!!

We headed off to a neighborhood garage sale this morning. The first place I stopped had Fiskar’s paper punches. I asked how much they were and the lady says…”oh, how ’bout 50 cents each?”. I about jumped out of my skin! Fortunately, there were only a couple of men within earshot when she said it, or it could’ve been a WWF women’s brawl! I hurdled a pile of junk and pounced on those babies! At that same sale, I scored a fishing reel, a pair of woody woodpecker drinking glasses, a set of old UNO cards (can’t buy those new anymore), and a sourdough starter crock. The grand total for everything, including the punches, was a whopping $7.00. Up the road, we found 2 heavy duty metal fence posts, 2 baby toys (for the neighbor baby when he comes over), and 2 pairs of decorative metal scrolls (for my office). I only spent $6.00 there. The rest of my lute includes, a movie for Mr. Fab, a superman t-shirt for Master G, 3 pairs of “anime” style boots and a swim suit for Miss H, a DARLING valance with overall buckles for my stair landing window, a couple of pairs of baby jeans and 3 “Build A Bear” miniature dolls…to go into my crafting pile, and a cute as a button chochkee for my laundry closet….all for a total of $7.50. So, the overall total was $20.50. Whew, it was a long, hot adventure. I love all my finds!


About Lady McCormick

Wife, mother, time traveling Cache Curator. Does life get any better?
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