Miss K’s Birthday Dress

Well, I finally finished Miss K’s birthday dress. She’ll be 7 on Sunday. I started it a month ago..LOL. Of course, life gets in the way and I’ve been working on it here and there a few minutes at a time. I used a Simplicity 5704 pattern. With two added pockets to hold her headband and little girl “lipstick”, it was complete.I sewed sparkly butterfly buttons on the pockets.
Miss K’s mom said she was getting an “Emily” American Girl doll with extra clothes. I asked to borrow one of the outfits to make a matching dress for her. I traced around the dress and pantaloons, added a seam allowance, and constructed the outfit. The front has a pocket for “Emily’s” doll…a bunny. Also pictured here is the matching headband and little girl chapstick. This is the back of the doll dress.
I found the bunny at Michaels and made her a matching outfit.
I was quite pleased with the results.


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