Poison Ivy And Going AWOL

I’ve been buzzing around some of my favorite crafty blogs this morning…dreading my task for the day. But, before getting to that…more procrastinating….thought I’d share my top 3 favorite blogs with you.

1…Allsorts Craft Room , I love everything about Allsorts…the colors, prints, style, and the fact that Jenny is the kind of crafter I always dreamed of being!

2…Angry Chicken, I knew I’d love this blog when I saw the name! Amy is a hoot. If you’re even mildly interested in sewing and need a few moments of pure entertainment…watch her tutorials. They’re hilarious! Amy is the kind of non-conformist sewer and personality that I aspire to become.

3…The Cottage Smallholder, Fiona is a woman after my own heart. Her blog isn’t so much crafty as homespun. I’m a chicken fanatic…eating and raising them…but not eating the ones I raise. I love my birds…Fiona loves hers…we’re kindred spirits. She and her husband have embarked on homesteading in England. I love to hear about their latest exploits…recently its been planting potatoes. She has a great sense of humor and I like comparing the differences between American and English culture.

Ok, for the one reader I have…I’m telling you up front that I’m going AWOL for a while. I have a huge patch of poison ivy in my yard…right next to the steep steps to the secret garden…that I must attack today. It was here when we moved in last summer, but I’ve never seen it before and had to research and ponder and think and hem and haw about it…as I do with everything, before deciding it was really the yucky stuff. I hate to kill off good plants. I love it when I get volunteer surprises in the garden. Well, I’ve got my goggles, dust mask, long sleeve shirt, long pants, socks, boots, rubber gloves, garden shears, trash bag, and weed killer ready to go. You have to do this on a day when there isn’t wind or rain…rare here in the spring, but I’ve been checking the forecast and today is the day! You’re supposed to cut the plant off at the ground and throw it in the trash bag. Then, spray the root where it was cut. I hope it doesn’t take me all day…we’ll see. After that, I MUST spend at least 2 weeks working on the basement. It’ll take me that long to get everything sorted and put in its proper place. Its an unfinished basement, so there’s no storage…I’m just trying to get things into zones. Everybody in my house has spent the last 9 months digging through and moving around boxes…so its really a nightmare. Then, I really need to spend another 2 weeks painting, unpacking, and organizing the garage. Again, a disaster. I hate moving! I’ll have pics and postings of all this mess before the 4th of July…until then…ta ta fair reader…I’ll be back before you know it!


About Lady McCormick

Wife, mother, time traveling Cache Curator. Does life get any better?
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2 Responses to Poison Ivy And Going AWOL

  1. Ginger says:

    Good luck with your poison ivy! I’m so glad we don’t have that do deal with!

  2. Kyragirl says:

    Sounds exciting :). That’s what I have been doing, too. And that’s why I have been gone for so long. Oh the joys. But, we have a backyard now, so totally worth it 🙂

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