Car Survival Kit

Since I’m on the subject of making lists of things. Thought I’d share my car survival kit list. We’ve been traveling for well over 15 years. These things are all indispensable for long or short trips. Items in blue are kept in baskets under the console…you could keep them in shallow boxes or bags under the seat. Items in red are kept in the glove box or dashboard drawers near the driver. Items in green are kept in the trunk. This list looks more daunting than it really is. Use zip top baggies to organize small items for the first aid and sewing kits, etc. I made pockets that fit on the back of the seat for the kids to keep their stash of toys, food, etc. The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared”. This helps us cope with all the small things that may come up in the course of a jaunt around the country. Once everything is stashed neatly away it doesn’t clutter the car but helps keep it cleaner. By the way, there are 4 people in our family…hence the count for some items…adjust this for your family’s size.

Everyday Items:
1 map of the u.s
1 map of the closest city
1 box of unscented baby wipes
1 bag sunflower seeds

4 granola bars
2 packages of dehydrated fruit snacks
1 book or magazine to read
napkins, plastic utensils, straws…(save the extras from fast food places)
1 bottle antacid
1 small bottle ibuprofen
1 small trash basket
6 cloth grocery bags
1 travel pack of glass wipes…(To clean the marks from the navigation system so people won’t break into my car to steal it.)
4 umbrellas…(I use the small travel kind…1 in each front car door pocket, 1 under each of the kid’s seats…it rains a lot here, but also good for keeping the sun off at picnics and games.)
car chargers…(for phones, game systems, etc.)
loose change…(for tolls, parking, emergencies, etc.)
1 package of travel kleenex
1 first aid kit
*band aids
*antibiotic cream
*hydrocortisone cream
*cough drops
*pepto bismol tablets

*anti diarrhea tablets…(works better than pepto bismol)
*candied ginger…(for car sickness)
*fingernail clippers
*fingernail file
*eye drops

*dry plantain leaf…(for stings and bites…wet it and make a poultice)
*super glue…(for sealing up any wound requiring only 2 or 3 stitches)
*4 feminine pads….(for girl emergencies and staunching profusely bleeding wounds)
1 sewing kit
*1 needle
*1 small pair scissors
*3 buttons
*2 bobbins thread…(1 black/1 white)
*2 safety pins
*2 rubber bands…(good for ponytails, closing bags, etc.)
1 Tide stain stick…(for spills on clothes)
1 small bottle lotion
1 tire pressure gauge
registration and insurance
5 pens
1 small notebook
1 small flashlight
1 roll paper towels
1 box bathroom drinking cups
1 set jumper cables
extra plastic grocery sacks…(for trash, etc.)
1 small travel blanket
1 plastic, flannel backed, reusable tablecloth…(For covering disgusting picnic tables or sitting on damp grass without getting soggy.)
2 blow up travel pillows
1 spare tire…(a real one…not the standard donut)
1 jack
1 roll duct tape
1 large flashlight
4 clothespins…(good for clamping or hanging things)
2 large garbage bags…(for survival techniques, cleaning up picnics, emergency rain poncho, etc.)
4 bungee cords
1 10′ length of rope

In summer:
1 medium sized cooler
1 picnic blanket
3 extra pairs sunglasses…(get them at the dollar store)
5 hats with brims(baseball caps are good)
2 towels
1 case bottled water
4 light jackets

1 bottle insect repellent…(here’s the link to the recipe I use)
1 bottle sunscreen

In winter:
2 sleeping bags
1 box crackers
1 gallon water
4 pairs socks
4 knit hats
4 pairs mittens
4 scarves


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Wife, mother, time traveling Cache Curator. Does life get any better?
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