Yard Sales

Today, we were out and about. We scored a couple of things for the kid’s Christmas. Our goal this year is to buy one large new gift for each of them and round out the rest from yard sales. I’m well on the way now. We found 3 large metal hanging planter baskets for the front porch-50 cents each…the movie city slickers-10 cents, a large bag full of heavy duty hinges to be used on the chicken coop doors-$1.00, a new can of Krylon Fusion spray paint-25 cents in the exact color I needed, a brand new 1 gig SD card still sealed in the package-$2.00, a couple of books for the kids-$1.00, A lighted Christmas garland for the mantle-50 cents, 2 silk ivy bushes-50 cents, a baby carry pack-$3.00 so Miss H can carry Master A around when she’s babysitting, a nearly new pup tent for the guys-$2.00, 4 nice shirts and a denim jumper for me-$2.00, a pile of fabric (about 15 yards)-$1.00, 3 spools of ribbon, a new zipper, a knitting tool, and a new silver paint pen-$1.00, a computer keyboard-free, a campfire popcorn popper-$1.00, a gorgeous new silver bird hose guide for my garden-$3.00, a small beanie baby squirrel for my upcoming animecon costume-50 cents, a small stuffed lamb for my dollhouse-50 cents, and a riding lawn mower-$250.00, which we are going half on with our neighbors. I also spent a total of $6.00 on four items for the kid’s Christmas presents. Whew, it was a whirlwind day!


About Lady McCormick

Wife, mother, time traveling Cache Curator. Does life get any better?
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One Response to Yard Sales

  1. Kyragirl says:

    Wow! You made a haul! Do you have an Air Force base near you? You should find a friend to get you on one for their garage sales :). They move all the time and sell some really good stuff!

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