New Floor!

I HATE CARPET! Its so true! It holds odors, dirt, dust, pet dander and hair…YUCK! We moved into this house about 9 months ago. The previous owners had dogs. I could only guess what was in it…we have cats…still more yuck! We shampooed all the carpet before moving in and a week later, it was filthy again.Here are the “boys” prepping the floor.I begged DH to get laminate floor. After shopping everywhere, we settled on some. He installed it in the living room and entry.Then, we had 4 boxes leftover and decided to go into the office. We just had to buy one more box. Here’s the living room…The entry…And the office…Please excuse all the mess…we still had stuff stacked up everywhere. Of course, I couldn’t have a new floor without paint too. I have been picking up oops paint at Home Depot every time I walk in. I got a 5 gallon bucket and experimented with different combinations until I found the PERFECT shade of yellow. I’m completely in love with this color. I used 2 gallons of yellow, 1 quart of orange, 1/4 gallon of burgundy, and 2 gallons of white. So, I spent a total of $30 for all the paint and the bucket and lid. In this photo, you can see the yellow on the left, the white primer peeking out in the center, and the blah beige on the right.The office was painted the blah beige too, but I mixed up a lovely green…which you can see in some of the pics. Stay tuned for more improvement progress.

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Wife, mother, time traveling Cache Curator. Does life get any better?
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One Response to New Floor!

  1. Kyragirl says:

    Love the floor and paint! Of course, I kind of miss carpet but only because my wood floors are original to my 1920 house and it's insanely beat up and holds dirt in the cracks like it's going out of style… Haha! Your house looks great!

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