YEA!!! I finally have a great pantry….o.k., two pantries, but it all works great! We have a coat closet in the dining area…that we never hang coats in. I had cans and boxes of food stashed everywhere because this kitchen is so tiny…I’m truly convinced that whoever designed this kitchen never cooked a day in their life! So, DH put up some shelves and voila…a second pantry! Whoever built this house didn’t know how to square up walls either! The front of the pantry is a good 3/4″ wider than the back…so, we had some challenges…but its all fantastic now! I’m certainly blessed to have a willing and handy husband for these kinds of projects!
This is the TINY pantry that came with the kitchen. I used an over the door shoe holder to hold small packets of seasonings, kool-aid, etc. The 4 shelves in the picture were the only ones in there. DH will add another couple of shelves this weekend. This doorway is just the same size as my matronly hips…it was a bear to paint! Miss H and Master G had quite a laugh at my expense!
This is the “before” picture of the coat closet…very inefficient!
DH put in the shelf supports. There were 2 metal shelves in here that were nearly impossible to rip out. I used a lot of spackling on this one.
And…VOILA…a finished, luxurious, wonderful, organized, giant pantry! AHHHHH!


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Wife, mother, time traveling Cache Curator. Does life get any better?
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