Final Baby Booties

O.K….If you read the previous saga of the baby booties…here’s the rest of the story. (Click here for the previous saga…

I made these blue booties to match a summer outfit I gave my neighbor when she had her baby. She had suggested on the previous pair I gave her that ties would be cute…what a great idea! So, I noodled this one and this is what I came up with…
I used grommets from my scrapbooking supplies…they were the perfect size.The grommet went through both layers of cloth on the booties, but laid very flat and won’t cut the baby’s foot. This is a picture of my scrapbooking tool kit…This is a picture of the specific tools I used from the kit for this project…From left to right-1. A poking needle tool, to poke the first holes in the fabric for the grommet. 2. Rounded nose pliers, to enlarge the hole for the grommet. 3. The grommet set, this is what you place on the top of the grommet and hit to make the back flatten out and install the grommet. 4. The ball ping hammer, to tap the grommet set.You can find these tools at any scrapbooking or craft store…you can buy them seperately too.
The booties are a cotton outer and muslin lining. The ties are thin satin ribbon.I stitched a zigzag on the bottoms to resemble treads.The stitching around the top was done with a fine, wide zigzag. Start stitching at the little triangular stabilizer at the bottom of the opening and work toward the outer edge. This is done after adding interfacing to the cut out piece and before its stitched together.
Again, this pattern is from

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