Suu costume

O.K…this isn’t the Suu costume, its actually Amulet Clover. The anime this costume comes from is Shugo Chara. You can watch it here, this is the first episode…
The girl’s name is Amu, and her Chara is named Suu. A Chara is like a part of Amu’s would be personality in a small person form. Suu is a domestic diva. She loves to clean, organize, and cook. The chara’s have eggs that they sleep in and each has different characteristics. When Amu needs to transform into her supergirl form she gets help from Suu and becomes Amulet Clover. Her super power is using a whisk and saying Remake Honey…to restore everything that’s been messed up.
I really like this one a lot…it took upwards of 40 hours to make, because there is a ton of interfacing and lining. Plus, it takes a few tries to get things to come out right.
I started with a Simplicity costume pattern #2827, using dress version B for the green broadcloth dress, and McCalls costume pattern #M4948, version B for the muslin apron. I modified the sleeves and bottom part to make it pouf. The bib on the apron was from the pattern, but the criss-cross straps and skirt didn’t have a pattern. The bows are all fabric with a stiff interfacing. They’re sewn and finished on both sides. The headband is fabric as well. This is the back, pictured also is Miss H’s friend, Miss G in the Luchia costume from Mermaid Melody…This is Amu(with the pink hair), YaYa…behind Amu, and Miss H as Amulet Clover. You can see the Chara eggs on Amu’s belt.I spray painted the shoes with a Krylon For Plastic paint…it cracked and peeled. This is my second attempt at painting shoes…I’m going to find paint formulated specifically for shoes next. The gloves are cotton and came from the beauty supply store. I added elastic and lace to the wrists. We had a short, semi-full petticoat to wear underneath to help keep the skirt puffy.


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