Baby Booties

My friend is having a baby this week, and I’ve been working on booties. I found the pattern for them at
She’s having a boy, and I asked her to show me her favorite newborn outfit. Its a cream colored onesie with a dark brown puppy applique and a red fire hydrant applique, and matching dark brown pants. So, here are the booties I made to match…of course, I forgot to take the “completed” picture before I gave them to her!In the previous pic, you can see that I have the lining in one and not the other. I used a furry costume fabric remnant that I had and lined it with a heavy fusible interfacing. Then, I sewed a decorative stitch along the opening, and again around the middle. The stitching around the opening keeps the fabric from fraying, since I didn’t use the wool felt. Next, I made a lining bootie out of the same pattern with unbleached muslin. I stitched the bootie with right sides together so the seams wouldn’t show inside.Then, I slipped it in the shoe and stitched around the opening to secure it. I’m thrilled at how these turned out….but, I can’t leave well enough alone!!!
I then worked on the 3-6 month size booties to match an outfit I’m giving her. Again, I used a cotton fabric with interfacing. I had a TERRIBLE time with the stitching around the openings. I couldn’t get it started without sending the fabric under the feeder, or getting stuck. You can see my stitching experiments on the discarded pieces here.I’ve since figured out that if I do a wide, fine zigzag, I can start stitching at the little triangular stabilizer at the bottom of the opening without the previous problems. I tried some other changes…that didn’t work too well. I had to abandon this rabbit trail project to finish the Suu costume, but I’ll come back to it next week and start over. Try this pattern..I love it! (Just don’t try to “improve” it like I did!)


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